Releasing Equity from your Property has never been easier.

We can raise up to 120% of your property value for any legal purpose including Car Purchase, Debt Consolidation, Home Improvements and many others.

We can even assist those with Credit Issues such as CCJ's Defaults, Missed Payments, IVA's and Bankruptcy. Aswell as those receiving just benefit income.

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Release Equity from your Property

There are so many reasons that clients are looking to release equity from their property. We try and answer the most common questions we get below:


Do I have to be over 55 Years of Age

Absolutely not, you can release money at any age. We consider all types of Mortgages including Standard Mortgages, Retirement Mortgages and Equity Release

Can I use the money to purchase another property

Yes, we can even help you fund this. Speak to us to find out more.

Are there any costs involved

This depends on your circumstances. If you are looking to release money without any upfront fees just let us know.

Will this affect my existing Mortgage

We will look at your existing mortgage and advise if we believe that paying it off is in your best interest. It maybe that taking a Second Mortgage maybe a better option. We will discuss then when we speak.