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You want to buy a house or you would like to remortgage.

If only getting the right mortgage was easy

There’s only one problem.

To achieve that, you will need to speak to lots of different banks to find out if they will accept you and what they are willing to offer. (Hint: There are just over 100 lenders in the UK)
And typically, that means spending hours on hold and trying to learn all the financial jargon to make sure you get the best possible deal.
You maybe awesome at most things, but you are no Mortgage Professional.
You don’t know how to get the best mortgage deal without spending lots of time on the phone, learning the financial jargon or completing the paperwork correctly
As a result, you maybe getting nowhere with the banks, simply just do not have the time or even end up paying more interest than you need to.
You only have a few options
  1. spend lots of time on hold to the bank, then more time on hold to the next bank, right now there are just over 100 lenders you need to speak to,
  2. Speak to a Professional, or
  3. spend hours learning financial jargon, learning to complete mortgage application forms and understand just what a good deal looks like

I went with option 3.

I wanted to learn everything, I wanted to be able to do everything myself, so I read books, listened to hours of podcasts and spent countless hours researching mortgages online. I learned things like “the tricks that lenders don’t want you to know”, “the secrets to a successful mortgage application” and “Why a low interest rate is not always the best deal”. Eventually, I completed my Mortgage Exams and became a Professional Mortgage Adviser. A bit extreme right? 
At that time I had learned so much I ended up working within a firm specialising in complex mortgages before then leading the business as a Senior Manager. Bizarrely though, you could only access my team if you were a qualified adviser yourself and you got stuck (even qualified advisers can find it confusing). Our service wasn’t free and I bet you can guess who ended up paying more as a result …. yes you got it … the client (you). If only everything was created equally …. right?
Dealing with 100’s of mortgages on a monthly basis we really have seen it all, even training lots of other advisers in the process (which takes around 2 years). Nearly 15 years later I thought it was about time this knowledge was available directly to you, why should it cost more? Along with one of my best advisers Ben Smith (who was one of my first trainee’s at the beginning) we founded The Money Geeks, a truly one stop shop for everything to do with mortgages, from the very simple to the very complex..

Our clients get phenomenal results

  • no waiting on hold
  • get the right mortgage deal for you
  • we deal with all the paperwork so you don’t have to
  • get the house that you want
  • no additional fee’s from third parties
  • personal service – You are never a number, you are assigned your own mortgage adviser who works with you from the initial call to completion … they also talk in plain and simple English

What do we offer

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With The Money Geeks, you can get the property you want without having the hassle of learning all about mortgages, filling in forms and spending hours on hold to banks.

Perhaps more importantly, The Money Geeks will:

  • save you time and money
  • get the best deal, saving you paying additional interest you may have spent elsewhere
  • you don’t need to understand financial jargon, we speak in plain English
  • You can access Exclusive Mortgage Rates that may not be available direct
  • you get the property you want, without the risk of taking too long and the seller pulling out

But don’t just take my word for it. Read what our Clients have to say:

Absolutely fantastic service !. Extremely professional from start to finish. We thank you so much for how you have helped us.

Stewart Alliston Avatar
Stewart Alliston

Greg and his team at The Money Geeks were fantastic from start to finish. Greg dealt with our application personally... read more

Amy Cann Avatar
Amy Cann

Great service - thanks to Bryony for her patience and professionalism throughout!

Rachel Avatar

OUR OFFER (Plus a Secret Most Adviser's don't want you to know)

If you had to do everything yourself, wait on hold, try and understand the jargon, work out what documents to send, you could expect to spend lots of time and could cost you £1000’s in additional interest if there was a cheaper alternative.

Right now, I’m giving away 30 Minutes of advice from a qualified Mortgage Adviser absolutely FREE. 

So it really doesn’t cost you anything

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With The Money Geeks you get

  • Professional Advice tailored to your circumstances
  • All paperwork completed
  • We deal with the banks
  • We make sure we have the correct documentation before sending your application to the bank
  • Glowing reviews that showcase our service
  • Everything in one place, from First Time Buyers, Remortgages, Buy to Lets, Bridging Loans and more we can deal with it all. No third parties needed, saving you money
  • You will only deal with one person, you will be assigned your own mortgage advisor who will know your case and handle everything from start to finish

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • …spend less than 30 minutes talking to The Money Geeks, rather than spending hours on hold to the banks
  • …potentially save £1000’s of pounds in interest
  • …more likely to get accepted than if you apply directly
  • …save yourself a ton of time and effort
  • …get the property knowing you got the best possible advice

You can have all of these things with The Money Geeks.


You can continue to do the same thing you’ve been doing—spending hours on the phone to banks trying to understand the financial jargon.

Or you can save yourself the hassle, talk to The Money Geeks.

If you’re ready to make your life easier and get the best deal for you, click the button below.


But don’t wait!
There are only a limited number of applications we can accept with no broker fee, act now to secure your special pricing.
Thanks for contacting The Money Geeks.
I know you won’t regret it.
Greg Williams
Founder and Adviser at The Money Geeks

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30 Minutes Mortgage Advice


  • Professional Advice tailored to your circumstances
  • All paperwork completed
  • We deal with the banks
  • no waiting on hold
  • We get the right mortgage deal for you
  • We deal with all the paperwork so you don’t have to
  • No additional fee’s from third parties
  • Personal Service – You are never a number, you are assigned your own mortgage adviser who works with you from the initial call to completion … they also talk in plain and simple English